Energy transition in urban scapes

Amsterdam-BikesRecently I started to conduct research on energy transition in urban scapes. My focus is on cities that aim to use emerging energies like wind power, solar energy and other innovative ways in order to reduce carbon emissions. One of the main questions I am interested in is how “future oriented ways of energy production and consumption” connects the fields of politics, economy, technology, culture and society. This includes to look at urban infrastructure and their role in the process of energy transition. While in the past I conducted research on huge governmental development projects in the field of offshore wind power I am now concerned with urban emerging energy. This allows to compare the different approaches from an anthropological perspective.

On Monday 11th of August I will start three weeks of ethnographic fieldwork in the Netherlands. My main focus will be on Amsterdam. The city is very well know for its innovative approaches in energy transition (Amsterdam Smart City). Also Dutch cities like Rotterdam, Utrecht and Groningen will be in my research focus. Other countries like England, Denmark, USA and Canada are planed to be part of my study in the future.

If anybody who reads this knows “the project”, “initiative”, “think tank” or “interesting entrepreneur” that I should take into account in Amsterdam or elsewhere, please leave a comment or contact me! Soon I will provide a fieldwork-diary on my blog in order to inform you about my ongoing research.

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